What conditions do I have to meet to rent a car from you? 

We require a minimum of 21 years of age, a valid identity document, a minimum one year driving license and a deposit (the amount of the deposit depends on the car model).
     Where is the company located and what area does it support? 
The head office of the company is located in Tilburg. We serve the entire Netherlands and Belgium. The company also start in Poland.
     For what minimum period can I rent a car?
The minimum period of renting a car is one day.
      Is it possible to rent a car with delivery to the house?
Yes, for an additional fee (depending on the amount of kilometers), it is possible to deliver the car to any place as well as pick up the car from the customer.
     Can I drive by the rented car for another country?
Yes, but you need to inform us before, then you can drive to all the countries in the European Union with the rented car.
     Is it possible to rent a car for a special occasion such as a wedding?
We meet the expectations of our clients. Cars can be rented not only for such occasions as weddings, but also for special events, sessions, photo sets and for very demanding customers - along with the Concierge service (car with a private driver, dressed appropriately for the occasion).
     Is it possible to rent a car for a longer period than a month and what is the cost?
Yes, there is a long-term rental option. The cost of such a rental depends on the car model and the rental period. We suggest you submit an inquiry about a specific vehicle in the "Contact" tab.
Do you have any more questions? If so, please use the  "Contact".
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